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What does Anavar taste like?

She's on the pill so I didn't knock her. Why you think its fake? I think I may have fake var. Two people confirmed my source, i'm strong as hell

and my GF has been using 10mg ED and didn't get her period. Kind of adumb question.you should be askingwhat does rawvanavar (. Regards, eDIT: might i add where it says glucose it is a sticker post edited by Thecyler - 2007/06/14 11:07:18 #3, rE: Oxandrolone Powder 2007/06/14 11:06:53 ( permalink ) white, bigger crystals than most powders i would be happy to have a look if you. Great thread idea a lot of guys getting into this don't really know what to look for or what it should look like. Oxandrolone ) powder taste like.anything could be in a pill. Var typically should be a white to off white crystalline powder. Anyone with pictures, or info to share in this thread please do so, Share the texture, the color, the smell, and pictures if you have them. Thecyler #1, designer bodybuilding clothing - built to last. In a good way. Technically speaking, thats what thier designed. Anavar powder looks like granular salt with out a strong smell or taste. Reply With", 04:37 PM #3 no I'm doing one thread winstrol for each compound, so too many sticks but it will help people find us through searches, It's Never Crowded Along The Extra Mile.

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Regards #11 RE: Oxandrolone Powder 2007/06/14 11:24:50 ( permalink masteron e primobolan depot cycle ) have a look at your email buddy #12 RE: Oxandrolone Powder 2007/06/14 11:25:36 ( permalink ) original: Thecyler lol first thing i did was have a dabble. Its just that it came sealed in silver packet like they do, and tbol vs anavar only cycle on the parabola in matematica outside is the expiry date batch number etc, and on one side says 'glucose'! I know if theres a weekend that shes supposed to have her period but wed like to have sex (non-sloppy bloody sex anyways) she just leaves the patch on a few days longer. Reply With", 10:39 PM #8, originally Posted by, powderguy, im here, I good with that. Good Idea Presser, " no I'm doing one thread for each compound, so too many sticks but it will help people find us through searches"! 08:43 PM #1, what does anavar powder taste like? Smell-no smell-at least none I have smelled has a smell. Reply With", 08:59 AM #9 ok cool, I'm going to start each new thread today and hopefully you guys can all share a description for each powder as i haven't a fucking clue lol. SOmetimes they are even a diff color than the rest. This is from a 'reputable' supplier i was just pondering wether that might be a sort of customs decoy incase they opened the package? Edit: Pardon my gangsta bling bling, i mean Rizzla papers post edited by mattliverpool - 2007/06/14 18:17:52 #18 RE: Oxandrolone Powder 2007/06/14 18:18:40 ( permalink ) original: mattliverpool Var powder seems to be like the holy grail of steroids, gold dust.

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I don't know if 10mg var ED is enough to stop a girl from getting her cycle? My powders all arrive labelled as samples of 'additives for cosmetics though none of them seem to have been talc or foundation powder (yet!) #13 RE: Oxandrolone Powder 2007/06/14 11:34:43 ( permalink ) original: cLaTTeReD have a look at your email buddy nothing there? My girl can get her period whenever she wants, its just a matter of ripping off the patch. Birth control pills can alter menstral cycles. Had quite a few grams of this stuff #8 RE: Oxandrolone Powder 2007/06/14 11:16:01 ( permalink ) original: Papa Lazarou Glucose is to pass customs. What colour is yours? I am familiar with methandienone every raw compound on this subject matter. God point and her period came one day after I posted that. Or buy your own capsules? Personally I feel like better raw will be more crystalline in texture but I have had some that was powdery and still good but I guess it's possible it was something else. Reply With", 12:23 AM #7, originally Posted by roccodart440, aS of today i'm pretty sure the var is real.

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I believe I have a few compounds I can add pics for. I think it is white. Reply With", insert 10:04 PM #7, im here, I good with that. This is a typical treatment for endometriosis as it stops the buildup of cycle uterine lining to prevent future endometriosis. Reply With", 10:42 PM #3, originally Posted by pullinbig tastes like chicken. Reply With", 09:14 AM #10 Originally Posted by DougoeFre5h Technically speaking, thats what thier designed.

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To close to homebrew to say anymore! Reply With", 08:22 PM #6, originally Posted by, pristi1340, subbed! 04:20 PM #1, what Does Anavar Oxandrolone enanthate Powder Look where Like, Taste, Smell Like, with Photo Pictures. Might just be a dogs little slow ill stop being impatient now lol regards #14 RE: Oxandrolone Powder 2007/06/14 11:35:38 ( permalink ) #15 RE: Oxandrolone Powder 2007/06/14 15:10:49 ( permalink ) original: Thecyler original: Papa Lazarou Glucose is to pass customs. Regards #9 RE: Oxandrolone Powder 2007/06/14 11:17:57 ( permalink ) Does it taste sweet? I will post up all the questions and dosage answers here. Reply With", 10:26 PM #2 tastes like chicken. ALso the anadrol looks the same as the var. Not looking promising though because mines finer than icing sugar #5. Ab max test was done land came back as var did winny and var the test was close to the same my partner did the test I'm color blind so I had him do it he gave it a pass Reply With", 03:29 PM #12. #2, rE: Oxandrolone Powder 2007/06/14 11:06:32 ( permalink mine is white. ( posting guidelines privacy advertise contact us supported by ) 2017 APG vNext Commercial Version.5. But I have some I will add a pic when I get near.