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I mean are you freakin kidding. I m about to start my first cycle and i decided after all research to. For the most part I can say that I

I mean are you freakin kidding. I m about to start my first cycle and i decided after all research to. For the most part I can say that I see and feel like a million bucks, considering my age. Tbol and, anavar only cycle. Reply With", 10:01 PM #8 Re: anyone stack var and tbol? Hes probly just a smart ass fuckin around. I know that a lot of people out there are. 40 mg var 40 mg Tbol ED Week7. 40 mg var ED Week2. I have recievede upwards of 20 pm's from him asking about all these cycle ideas. Im just about to finsh my 8 week cycle of anavar / tbol in a few days so I thought Id post my experience considering all of the other posts and. I have read mixing them does just what you would think they would. Sucked but as soon as 1 person agreed with them the thread starter would take that answer lol.

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I ran 80mg of anavar and 50mg of tbol each day split up equally in 2 doses about 12 hours apart. All I have stated is my personal opinion among a lot of others. How many mg tbol forb6 weeks will be good? For that reason it's only used for four weeks at a time. It's good for way more than winstrol steroids injection stanozolol side pumps. I always knocked anavar until I got great anavar from a great chemist.

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12:45 PM injections #1, what would be the right dose for horse stacking oral turinabol and anavar safely? Reply With", 05:01 PM #4, re: anyone stack var and tbol? Then maybe hed be more succesful with a high dose of deca with no test for 24 weeks and no pct. Reply With", 08:42 PM #8 he hears want he wants to hear. Reply With", 09:15 AM #20 Originally Posted by rookie03 I think this guys just pullin our leg.

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I heard of side people having great results! If its the pumps, run a gram of test then. 40 mg var 40 mg Tbol ED Week3. I really started to feel and see results at the end of the second week. Other supplements include : whey protein, multi, vitamin c, taurine, l-arg/l-orn, glucosamine, bcaas, and life support.I.

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What's the purpose of your cycle man? Is tbol the new gayvar? POB and I both know where to get proven real var and as he stated once he ran it he sang a reviews different tune about. Loss of libido ( better have something on hand for this ) minor stomach discomfort for a few days in week 6 effects night sweats that started in week 5 ( plan on showering a lot ) increased aggression ( very short fuse ). Results 1 to 20. Thread: Tbol And side Anavar (var) Stack!, 06:44 PM #1, tbol And Var Stack! 40 mg var 40 mg Tbol ED Week6. Ive seen post where 20-30 people would say their cycle/routine/diet/etc. VAR only cycles ARE only FOR d-bol people witagina. I can go back and forth with just these 2 cycles. Originally Posted by, pillarofBalance. Great pumps and no yo-yo of water retention. Reply With", 08:57 AM #15 Originally Posted by rookie03 haha enanthate nahhh i disagree, deca with no post cycle therapy (pct) and no test during.